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Longriver Group is an independent group of companies dealing primarily in public private financing and consultancy

About Longriver Group

The Longriver Group has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the UK public sector for 20 years as developers of specialist private financing arrangements, particularly in social housing where the legal obligations of the Council and the special requirements of tenants need to be accommodated. The Longriver Group have been established since 1986, initially writing leases for unusual assets for Utilities and Local Authorities. We have been writing leases for “fixture type” assets since 1992, longer in fact than any other UK lessor.

Our client base varies from Local Authorities who enter into leasing arrangements with us for high volume property/ fixture type asset schemes (such as a £10M facility for the City of Birmingham) to schools who rent from us as little as a single energy efficient refrigerator. We have worked with 30+ local authorities and many thousands of schools, colleges and academies over the years.

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