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Mileshield Commercial Funding Ltd

Mileshield Commercial Funding

Mileshield Commercial Funding Ltd, the largest trading member of the Longriver group of companies, is the pioneer and by far the most extensive provider of tax based operating leases for fixture type assets including gas central heating in both Scotland and England. Some 110,000 homes have received the benefit of MCFL’s experience since writing its first operating lease with a UK local Authority in 1992. Since then the Longriver operating lease product has continued to evolve and its scope enlarged. For example, it now embraces street lighting, tower block cladding, replacement doors and windows, kitchens and bathrooms, security systems and lifts and many other “fixture type” assets. Owing to the success of our approach, over £100 Million of fixture type assets alone has been leased using our scheme to some 30+ UK Councils. No other lessor can point to such extensive experience, both in Scotland and in England and Wales.